Why You Need Our Cups: Facts & Questions

So what is Silicone? 
Silicone is a stable synthetic material that is insensitive to temperature change and won’t break down and leach into food or drinks during cooking and storage.  Silicone, in addition to being nontoxic, is nonstick, resists staining and doesn’t retain odors from drinks or foods that have been poured or cooked into it. 

Why choose Silicone? 
Silicone is extremely flexible. It won't break, crack or chip. Bend it, fold it, roll it up, turn it inside out and it will pop back to its original form. Want to bake with our cups? You can literally peel the cup away from baked goods, leaving them intact.  
Clean up is easy. 

Is Silicone Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Silicone Country is Eco-Friendly! 

  • Silicone glasses are an eco-friendly, unbreakable and reusable alternative to plastic, paper and styrofoam cups. Make a positive impact on the environment and minimize the amount of waste you create by using an indestructible glass that you won't need to throw away. Just because a plastic cup says it is recyclable it doesn't necessarily mean that it is going to be recycled.   
  • Anytime we can do something good for the environment we should. Going through cup after cup at a party is just bad for the world.  
  • You can choose to have your Silicone Country glasses customized with removable tags and eliminate the possibility of getting glasses mixed up.  
  • After all, it's easier to reduce and reuse than it is to recycle. 

Can you recycle Silicone Country cups?

  • Yes! If you're ever done with a Silicone Country cup, simply contact us. We’ll have you send it back to us and we will get it to one of the silicone recycling facilities here in America! 


Are Silicone Cups Really Durable?

YES! Unbreakable and Unmeltable 

  • Silicone Country cups are as chic and fashionable or as rugged and ready for adventure as you need them to be. Silicone Country cups are virtually indestructible – they won’t crack, smash or chip. Do not put directly over open flame or set directly on a burner, the cup would melt.
  • Your kid can throw it, knock it over, knock it off the table and it will never break! 
  • Your lab can bat it off the table with his tail and it won't break! 
  • You can get in a fight with your significant other and throw it against the wall and it won't break! 
  • This glass is the answer to those clumsy guest that can't seem to keep your glass wine glasses intact. 
  • Silicone Country cups can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260C) 

Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me 

  • Have Silicone Country cups anyway you want them. Our cups bend, fold, twist, roll up, turn inside out and then pop back to their original form all without breaking. 
  • Silicone Country cups make sense for the life you live. Slip them in your purse, your back pocket, your boot, take them everywhere with you. 
  • Throw them in the boat 
  • Toss them in your 'glamping' gear  
  • Smash them into your hiking pack 
  • They are little and flexible and fit almost anywhere 
  • Always be ready for a good time and with Silicone Country you can be sure that the good time will never be shattered.   

We are flexible, so you don't have to be. Don't settle for anything less than the best and  Silicone Country is the best. 

 Is it Safe To Use Silicone?

FDA-Approved Food Grade Silicone

  • Silicone Country products have no petrochemicals and no leaching plastics. They’re safe for you, your kids, your pets, your friends, even your enemies.  


  • Silicone Country is here to ensure that your party and your guest are never endangered by broken glass. Keep your family, friends, kids and pets safe by using our drinkware. 


  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Microwave Safe  
  • Oven Safe 
  • Freezer Safe 

Does Silicone Insulate?

  • Our products are great insulators, keeping your coffee hot, your white wine chilled, your red wine room temperature, your water ice cold and your beer frosty. The best part? Your hands never leave the comfort zone. Lightweight, flexible, shatterproof, nonreactive and nonstick -- there's a lot to love about silicone. 

Is It Safe To Cook With Silicone Cups? 
"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" 

  • Well, we are going to stay in the kitchen because our products can take the heat! Silicone can withstand temperatures up to 500 °F (260 °C). 
  • Using your cup as a barbecue sauce holder? Set it on a hot grill until you are ready to spread it on the meat. 
  • Making cup cakes? Scoop some batter into the cup and pop them in the oven. They won’t melt and although hot to touch when removing they won't burn your hands the way glass, ceramics or plastics do.   
  • Making soup? These cups are completely microwave safe. Throw some soup in our cup and pop it in the microwave and in a short amount of time you will have a wonderful meal. 

Always beware of boiling hot liquid.  
Avoid direct flames on a fire and don’t sit them on top of a burner. 
If you choose to customize your cup with our cup tags remove the tag before putting the cup near heat. 
Can You Put Silicone Cups In The Freezer or Cooler?

  • Our products are great in the freezer. Pop them in the freezer and when you are ready for a cold refreshment just pour into your cold-safe cup and enjoy. Perfect way to relax on a hot summer's day. 
  • Not Thristy? That's fine, a "frozen" Silicone Country cup is the perfect way to serve up ice cream or make a popsicle! Your cup won't crack, but you might crack a smile.