How To Make: Whiskey Apple Cobbler


Time: 4 mins                Serving Size: 1


3/4 oz Whiskey

3/4 oz Apple Liquor

1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka

1 cup Apple Cider

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Garnish: Cinnamon, Whole Cloves



  1. Fill Silicone Country cup with Ice.
  2. Add the Apple Cider, Whiskey, Apple Liquor, Vanilla Vodka and Cinnamon to the cup.
  3. Stir ingredients together.
  4. Garnish with a sprinkle of Cinnamon, couple of Whole Cloves and Cider Ice Cubes

How To Make: Cider Ice Cubes

Cider Ice Cubes are a fun addition to any fall drink to add flavor and character and they are super easy to make!


  1. In any ice tray (we used a silicone pumpkin ice tray to be extra festive) sprinkle cinnamon on the tray.
  2. Carefully pour cider into the tray.
  3. Sprinkle more cinnamon on top.
  4. Then freeze and in an hour you will have fun fall ice cubes.

Best part about this recipe is you can add a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and turn your after dinner drink into an after dinner dessert!


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